Future Dragons 10,000 ( TEST POSTING 1-31-15)

Like dragons? Like sci-fi? Do you like the get your ass kicked with random sub-drops and totally obvious foreshadowing with terrible character development? Even if you just like the number 10000 you’ll be in for a treat when you check out this summer’s biggest blockbuster of year ever! Maybe not ever but at the very least in the history of the past 12 months. Future Dragons 10,000 (Johnny McSmoke Fuck’s 3rd film) definitely takes you on a journey of smoke and other bullshit. David Leatherman-(really? David Leatherman? You sick mothe-) is a 35 year old geologist that discovers an ancient formation of caves in Asia. Arriving at the site the team he’s assembled,(don’t do it) they enter the caves with hope of learning more (I’m serious don’t do it) but what they find is a very scaly situation (gahh you bastards). The team accidentally awakens something (of course) in the caverns (now they’re caverns?) that will forever destroy mankind (as it should) forever.


So if that didn’t sell you then you are ok, there is nothing wrong with aside from being boring because you don’t like dragons.

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