Yeah that last post may have flown off the handle just a little bit. You get me Aretha? Yet another test post just to see how things look when we apply the cosmetics to make it look all “purty” for all you nice folk. How’s your day? Me? I’m swell. It’s warm and sunny out which is much better than cold and foggy. Life is good? “nong, nong, nonga-nonga,nong nong” Kevin Smith reference? He’s probably the “King of Chat” in my opinion. One could only hope to reach such a level of public speaking with swift and flawless execution. I just seem to ramble most of my thoughts. Like a sad clown that’s blind folded, throwing a knife into the dark, spinning uncontrollably on the nose of a circus seal. ¬†Just attempting¬†to hit the asshole in the crowd of innocents, trying to make a point.


Sincerely testing posts.. Forever yours,

– Heykiller

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